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Cork Yoga Block


Find your balance with our Cork Yoga block. The block is a fantastic way to explore new poses and enjoy comfort in your practice. Ideal for both beginners and advanced…

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Yoga Studio Cork Unbranded Massage Ball


Yoga Studio Unbranded Cork Massage ball ideal size ball for fascia self-massage Relieves muscle tension (buttocks muscles, soles of feet, arms and hands), increases blood circulation. Lightweight, robust and ideal…

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Yoga Studio Organic Cotton Yoga Blanket


Yoga Studio’s Organic Yoga Blankets are hand woven by hand loom, In India and made with finest quality rich organic cotton. Our Organic Cotton Yoga Blankets are woven in the…

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Yoloha Yoga Mat


The Aura was created with comfort in mind. Our most cushioned yoga mat provides added support for your joints. We developed a fine grain cork surface for a soft feel,…

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